Q: What do different colors of the LED light on HDML-Cloner Box indicate?


The LED light will illuminate different colors/ways to indicate functions.

1. Connect all devices and power adapter.

2. Press the "ON/OFF" button to turn on the power.

3. The LED light will blink blue/green alternatively for a while, and then turn solid Green or solid Blue.

LED green: The source video is 720p/others.

LED blue: The source video is 1080p/1080i.

4. Press and hold the "REC/STOP" button for about 5 seconds, and then you can see pictures on your TV screen.

5. Press the "REC/STOP" button when you are ready to record, and then the LED will blink green or blue.

LED blinks green: Recording/buffering 720p/others video.

LED blinks blue: Recording/buffering 1080p/1080i video.

6. Press the "REC/STOP" button again when the playing/recording is finished,

then the LED will blink blue/green alternatively for a few seconds for buffering and saving.

You can remove the USB flash drive after the LED turns solid green or solid blue.

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