ClonerAlliance New Product Preview 2021: A Professional 5.1 Multichannel Audio Capture Device


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Currently, ClonerAlliance hardware can’t capture Dolby, DTS or other multichannel digital audio formats. They can only capture standard stereo audio, which may be also called Linear PCM in certain circumstances, such as for PlayStation 4 (PS4).

Why Is There No Sound When Playing the Videos Recorded by ClonerAlliance Hardware?

The problem of no audio is commonly caused by the setting of your source devices (Such as PS3, STB or DVR). To have the problem to be quickly solved, please adjust the audio output of your source device to PCM or Stereo, then ClonerAlliance hardware will be able to record audio successfully.

The good news is that we will launch a professional audio capture device which can capture and record 5.1 audio channels in the near future. Please stay tuned.

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