ClonerAlliance Box Pro using tips - How to record or transfer TV shows and movies from a DVR to your USB flash drive?


Over the past years, many of us have either purchased a DVR or had one bundled with our cable or satellite TV packages. These DVR devices have been amazing, allowing us to watch our favorite programs, or pause, rewind them, whenever we want!

And so people began wondering, “Can I transfer my TV shows and movies from DVR to my computer?” People may want to do this for various reasons. Some want to clear up space on their DVR, while others may want to put all of their DVR recordings onto their laptops so that they can watch them wherever they like. Or, if you have recorded DVR shows on your computer, you may wish to upload them and share your favorite programs with friends.

Since a DVR has a hard drive, and a computer has a hard drive, we could ideally just connect the DVR and computer together with a USB or HDMI cable and copy the shows and movies from the hard drive in our DVR to the hard drive in our computer.

In fact, this process can not be done due to various restrictions such as DVR content protection mechanism, connection issue, or some other drawbacks used by the DVR manufacturers. But don’t worry! A video capture device such as ClonerAlliance Box Pro can be your perfect solution to transfer video from your DVR to your USB flash drive or computer!

Record to your USB flash drive


  1. Connect HDMI OUT on your DVR to HDMI IN on ClonerAlliance Box Pro with an HDMI cable.

  2. Connect HDMI OUT on ClonerAlliance Box Pro to HDMI IN on TV with an HDMI cable.

  3. Plug your USB flash drive into the Storage port on ClonerAlliance Box Pro.

  4. Plug the power adapter into the power socket and plug the other end into the 5V/2A port of ClonerAlliance Box Pro.

Warm Tip: If your DVR has only component outputs, please connect your DVR to MMI IN port on ClonerAlliance Box Pro using the included VGA/AV/YPbPr to HDMI cable.


OK, now that you have all of the hardware in place, you are ready to record from your DVR to your USB flash drive.

After all devices are connected properly, please connect power adapter of ClonerAlliance Box Pro and turn on other devices. You will then see the contents of your DVR playing on TV. Finally, you simply hit “Record” on the video capture device or remote control to record the DVR video to your USB flash drive.

You will now have the video file on your computer. It is in the “.mp4” format. If you want to convert it to other video formats, you will use our video conversion program MP4-Cloner to convert to MPG, AVI, MOV, TS.

Record to your computer

There is also another way to record your DVR video: you can just use the USB to PC port on ClonerAlliance Box Pro to record video directly to your PC. In this way, you need to download and use our video capture software HDML-Cloner Pro Helper to achieve this function. It is easy and simple. For tutorials on recording video to PC, please refer to

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