Q: How to record YouTube videos on PC with ClonerAlliance products?


Note: This applies to HDML-Cloner Box, HDML-Cloner Box Pro and HDML-Cloner Box Evolve.

Take HDML-Cloner Box Pro for example:

1. Connect the HDMI output port on PC to the "IN" port on HDML-Cloner Box Pro with an HDMI cable.

2. Connect the "OUT" port on HDML-Cloner Box Pro to the HDMI input port on TV with an HDMI cable.

3. Connect the USB flash drive to the "Storage" port of HDML-Cloner Box Pro. 

4. Connect the power adapter to HDML-Cloner Box Pro and then you can see pictures from PC on your TV.

5. Open and play YouTube videos on PC.

6. Press the "REC" button on HDML-Cloner Box Pro or on the remote control and start recording.

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