HDML-Cloner Box Turbo: ClonerAlliance Expands Standalone Video Capture Solution Offering

October 13, 2017 ClonerAlliance Inc. has announced the release of several standalone video capture devices including HDML-Cloner Box, HDML-Cloner Box Evolve and HDML-Cloner Box Pro. Now, to better meet your diverse needs, we have developed another similar piece of hardware HDML-Cloner Box Turbo, which is equipped with a TO PC port based on HDML-Cloner Box so that you can record or live broadcast videos on your computer. It just costs you a little more than HDML-Cloner Box, and a free 16GB USB flash drive will be included in the product box.

HDML-Cloner Box Turbo – Highlights

  • No need for PC. Captures any HD video or gameplay onto your USB flash drive or mobile hard disk.
  • Optionally record and save a video continuously as a single file, not separated into several 2GB files (NTFS format required), thus you don't need to merge them with video editing software anymore!
  • Easy to use, press one button to record.
  • Supports any HDMI video device including HD media player, cable box, surgical camera, FPV drone, DSLR camera, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo NES, Wii U, etc.
  • Records videos or gameplay from any HDMI video source to your PC with bundled software HDML-Cloner Pro Helper and pause anytime during recording with only one click.
  • The output video encodes in H.264 (MP4), the most widely adopted video codec in the world, ensuring your video will be compatible with almost any device platform.
  • Schedule Recording – Preset and record your favorite live family-video automatically when you are away from home or at work.
  • VBS – Scan the QR code within HDML-Cloner Pro Helper and sync the recorded videos on PC to your mobile phone or tablet for playback via LAN.
  • Works with 3rd party software such as OBS, XSplit to broadcast HD videos and gameplay. Share with your friends and subscribers.
  • Record live commentary or voice-over with gameplay video together.
  • Free MP4 video editing software – MP4-Cloner. Trim, combine, convert and burn your recorded videos.
  • Free lifetime firmware and software upgrade.

Technical Specifications

Capture format: MP4 (H.264)
Video standards (input): NTSC, PAL
Supported disk formats: FAT32, NTFS
Input: HDMI
Output: HDMI (pass-through), USB, micro USB
Maximum storage capacity: 2TB
Power supply: DC 5V, 2A

HDML-Cloner Box Turbo is now available at https://www.cloner-alliance.com/store.html

To learn more about HDML-Cloner Box Turbo, please visit: https://www.cloner-alliance.com/hdmicloner-box-turbo.html

About ClonerAlliance Inc.

ClonerAlliance Inc. is dedicated to providing affordable yet powerful standalone home digital and analog video capture devices and video editing software for every family since 2014. Immersed in audio-visual entertainment from now on! Our ultimate goal is to make sure every precious memory is permanently recorded and shared, without regrets.

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