HDML-Cloner Helper: ClonerAlliance Developed a Piece of Video Editing Software for HDML-Cloner Box

January 30, 2015 We have developed a piece of software HDML-Cloner Helper bundled with HDML-Cloner Box so that you can merge several video files to a large one or create a DVD/Blu-ray movie disc from recorded video files.

HDML-Cloner Helper – Highlights

  • Creates family-video-discs/B-family-video-discs movie discs from video files.
  • Burns a variety of data files to a blank family-video-discs/B-family-video-discs disc.
  • Creates ISO files from video and data files. 
  • Converts video files to family-video-discs/B-family-video-discs video format.
  • Supports burning in PAL and NTSC formats for family-video-discs burn.
  • Supports 1080p output for B-family-video-discs burn.
  • Merges multiple video files into one large file for uninterrupted playback.
  • Converts video files to MP4 format before merging.
  • Trims one large video file to keep only your desired contents before merging by setting the starting time and ending time.
  • Create a new project to add video files for burning and save the project on the hard disk as a .cpj file for editing.
  • Supports burning video files to single-layer family-video-discs, dual-layer family-video-discs, single-layer B-family-video-discs discs and dual-layer B-family-video-discs discs.
  • Verifies data when the burn is finished to ensure a successful burn.
  • Select whether to re-encode when burning MPEG-2 files for family-video-discs burn.


System Requirements

For DVD burn:

* Intel Core2 CPU

* 2GB of RAM

* 10GB or more free hard disk space

* DVD burners, Blu-ray burners

* Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10


For Blu-ray burn:

* NTFS partition

* A Blu-ray drive

* A Blu-ray media player

* 50GB or more free disk space

You can download HDML-Cloner Helper from https://www.cloner-alliance.com/download.html

To learn more about HDML-Cloner Helper, please visit: https://www.cloner-alliance.com/hdmicloner-helper.html


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