How to use ClonerAlliance Flint 4KP Pro to record HDR videos?

1. Prepare tools

  1. Capture device: “ClonerAlliance Flint 4KP Pro”.

  2. Capture software: “Cloneralliance helper”.

  3. a desktop computer with nvidia graphics card.

2. Turn on HDR.

Make sure your video source supports HDR mode, you can monitor the source video format through ClonerAlliance helper software.

Please connect the device first and enable the HDR function of the source video device. Then open the ClonerAlliance Helper software and open the device settings window in the software.


When the source video is in HDR format, the button “Enable HDR” will become available. (Please reopen the setting window and refresh the information).

Click the “Enable HDR” button, and then click the OK button to enable the HDR function of the device.

When entering HDR mode for the first time, the software will prompt to install the madVR renderer, you need to click the download button to download and install, otherwise the video screen will be white.


If your PC monitor supports HDR, you need do some settings for madVR, otherwise do nothing.


3. Record HDR video

When successfully turned on HDR mode, the icon HDR will be displayed on the record button. click the “Record” button to start recording.

When HDR video recording is performed for the first time, a window to test the GPU encoder will pop up. Since encoding HDR video requires HEVC encoding, only GPU encoders can complete real-time encoding. Currently only supports HEVC encoder of NVIDIA graphics card.


When the test is completed, it will automatically start recording video.

The format of the recorded video is like this:


NOTE: After entering HDR mode, the Record setting in the setting window will be invalid.

4. Which HDR formats are supported

Currently only HDR10 is supported. Other formats such as HLG, HDR10+ are not currently supported.

5. Playback HDR video file on PC

Please use the software “MP4 Player” to play the mp4 file, it was located in the installation directory of Cloneralliance Helper.