ClonerAlliance Helper

ClonerAlliance Helper is an all-in-one video recording and live streaming application software. It supports all UVC video capture devices, and can achieve up to 4K@30fps video recording. In addition, it features schedule recording and image/animation capture. As a live streaming program, you can add various overlay elements, such as video sources, audio sources, pictures, video files, texts, etc., to achieve different PIP effects and broadcast live to multiple servers at the same time.

Record videos from any video source to PC working together with ClonerAlliance video capture devices.

Live Streaming. Supports PIP, various filters, multiple scenes.

Share recorded MP4 files and live broadcast via LAN.

Virtual camera. Work with multiple third-party programs using the same camera.

Video Recording and Live Streaming

Supports all UVC video capture devices (4K input supported). GPU encoding acceleration. Compatible with AMD, Intel, NVIDIA video cards; Supports PIP live streaming. Save and load scene settings and quickly switch the live stream.

Sharing via LAN and Virtual camera

Video Broadcast Share allows you to enjoy the recorded MP4 file through the mobile phone and PC browser in the same local area network. Supports broadcasting the current preview screen to multiple 3rd party programs as a virtual camera.

  1. Windows 7 or above(32bit or 64bit).
  2. Intel i5 or above. Or AMD CPU which of the similar level of the Intel.
  3. 4GB or more of RAM.
  4. One UVC video capture device. ClonerAlliance products are recommended.
  5. 100GB free hard disk space


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2-Year Warranty

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