ClonerAlliance Flint D4P

4K@60fps and 2K@144fps game overlay live streaming with multiple display modes using remote control. Capture and stream your gameplay/videos at 1080p@60fps instantly while enjoying recreational moments.

4K/2K Input and Ultra Low Latency

Multiple overlay display modes for streaming

Ultra Low Latency with USB 3.0 Type C. Live Commentary.

Plug and Play. Windows/Mac/Linux/Android Supported.

ClonerAlliance Flint D4P is a picture-in-picture 4K game capture device. It supports 4K@60fps and 2K@144fps game video input. With ClonerAlliance Flint D4P, you can capture dual 4K images with multiple PIP display modes, stream them to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, ZOOM, Skype, etc and record as 1080p@60fps. Integrated with UVC standard and high performance Type C port, you can easily record and stream HDMI videos from game consoles, set-top boxes, webcams, DSLRs to Mac, Windows, Linux or Android. Thanks to the Line In and external audio input integration with ClonerAlliance Flint D4P, you can add your own voice into the gameplay in time, mixing line audio and mic audio to gaming smoothly, as well as remove the original audio from a video and add your own audio.

Dual 4K HDMI inputs

Equipped with dual 4K HDMI input ports, it enables you to overlay both images of 4K@60fps game video and 4K@30fps webcam/DSLR. No any software required. Capture/stream 4K gameplay and 4K silhouette simultaneously as 1080p@60fps.

Multiple overlay display modes for streaming

Press the button on the remote to switch the display mode quickly. Monitor the overlay image on TV while live streaming with dual 4K video sources in PIP, POP or PMP modes with a laptop.

Output formatMJPEG,YUY2
Video standards (input)NTSC, PAL
InputHDMI1, HDMI2, Line in, Mic in, Ext.Audio in
OutputHDMI(pass-through), USB Type-C, Line out
Input/output LatencyAbout 17ms
Weight7.8 oz
Dimensions5.7 x 4.3 x 0.9 inches
HD1 Max Input4K@60hz, 1080p@144hz, 1080p@120hz, 1080p@60hz etc; HD2 Max 4K30hz, 1080p120hz, 1080p60 etc
HD2 Max Input4K@30hz, 1080p@120hz, 1080p@60 etc
Video CaptureUp to 1920x1080@60fps
  1. ClonerAlliance Flint D4P
  2. HDMI Cable
  3. Male Type C to male USB 3.0 cable
  4. remote control
  5. Quick Guide

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