• HDML-Cloner Box Evolve

    • Record HD videos/gameplay from any video source to USB flash drive/TF card/PC.
    • No video split. Record one complete video.
    • Schedule recording. Record videos automatically at the set time.
    • Two HDMI inputs, remote control, screenshot capture.
  • HDML-Cloner Box Pro

    • Instant video playback after recording on TV with the included remote control.
    • Record network-videos/gameplay from any video source.
    • Record videos to the USB storage device or PC.
    • 1080p output and H.264 hardware compression.
  • HDML-Cloner Box

    • Record network-video/gameplay from any video source.
    • Record videos to the USB storage device.
    • Play the recorded videos on many media devices.
    • 1080p output and H.264 hardware compression.
  • HDML-Cloner Wand

    • Broadcast HD live videos on YouTube, Twitch, Ustream, Livestream, etc.
    • Record videos to Android phone or PC for playback.
    • Mini video capture tool. Plug and play.
    • 1080p output and H.264 hardware compression.


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Our customer's Reviews

  • Husband gave it a 50 star smile! Performs beautifully and brightens our world! My husband wanted this to enhance his ability to record movies for our own use from the TV and store them on his computer. He absolutely loves it! We were impressed by the fact that even before the item arrived in our mailbox, we received specialized instructions via email from the vendor as to how to properly set it up.

    By Amazon Customer | Source
  • The HDML-Cloner Box is such a compact and technically advanced device. You can call it the 21st century VCR that fits in the palm of your hand. The video recordings are crystal clear and the supporting software is very user friendly. You won't regret this purchase.

    By Amazon Customer | Source
  • One of the best HDMI recorders on the market at this price. HDML-Cloner Box lets you record videos in HD quality (1080p or 720p) from any HDMI source. I have both the HDML-Cloner Box and the HDML-Cloner Box Pro. You do not need a splitter for the HDML-Cloner Box Pro. For the HDML-Cloner Box you may or may not need it.

    By Amazon Customer | Source
  • I heard that this tiny gadget can record videos to my phone directly, so I decided to place an order quickly. I travel a lot so I think it is an awesome gadget for me.

    By Amazon Customer | Source
  • Best recording box ever! The box itself is sleek and nice, it has holes for a mic and line-out, and it can connect to VGA and component sources as well as hdmi. It records smooth, clean 1080p video and good audio as well, and can connect to your pc for instant playback. Overall, this box is the BEST if you're an aspiring YouTuber, or just want to record pretty much any device!

    By Amazon Customer | Source