ClonerAlliance Devices are NOT any kinds of Streaming Media Players.

According the definition of streaming media player, ClonerAlliance devices are NOT streaming media player due to the reasons below:

streaming media player is connected to family-video/home theaters to the Internet and allows users to stream video and music on the network. However, the working mechanism of ClonerAlliance devices are completely different.

At first, ClonerAlliance devices can NOT connect to the network directly, so they can’t get videos & music via network. Secondly, ClonerAlliance devices can NOT stream video & music, or even output any video & music independently. ClonerAlliance devices are just transferring signals from some devices to other devices via HDMI and USB ports. In general, streaming media player can output video & audio signal to family-video, and then play video & audio independently. Secondly, ClonerAlliance devices can NOT access any protected content and digital media. ClonerAlliance devices can NOT passthrough signal of the protected digital media.

Moreover, ClonerAlliance devices are NOT any kinds of media devices, and they may have more connections than streaming media player. In addition, when they connect other devices, the data transmission direction of them are different from streaming media player. Although ClonerAlliance devices sometimes have remote control, the remote control is only for switching input devices, or for time schedule or other setting. And, ClonerAlliance devices have NOT any wired or wireless network connections.

Furthermore, ClonerAlliance devices don’t have the functions of viewing photos or videos, and the ClonerAlliance device are just pass-through video signal. Even without ClonerAlliance devices, users can review photos or videos on local network, flash memory cards, or USB-based external drivers. Therefore, ClonerAlliance devices are even NOT players.

Although ClonerAlliance devices provide some bundled Apps. These apps can NOT be installed on none of ClonerAlliance devices. The apps are only responsible for transmission but not playing. Therefore, these Apps are completely different from other streaming media player Apps.

Finally, according to the analysis above, ClonerAlliance devices are not any kinds of streaming media players because they do not have any functions and features of any streaming media players.

Updated : Nov 12, 2019.