What Are The Main Features Of ClonerAlliance UHD Pro?

  1. Standalone 4K HDMI video recorder. No PC required. Record video at up to 4K@30fps.

  2. Adopts the H.265 encoding technology, saving your storage space and improving the picture quality. H.264 encoding is also supported.

  3. Multiple recording scenarios supported, such as disc player, set-top box, PVR, streaming media player, game console, etc.

  4. Standalone 1080p@60fps and 720p video recording. The recording resolution is the same as the input.

  5. Ultra-low latency, less than 100ms. Especially for PS4, Xbox One, Switch gamers.

  6. Supports up to 4K@30fps video pass-through, especially suitable for console gamers.

  7. Capture 1080i60 video and record at 1080p30; Capture 1080i50 video and record at 1080p25.

  8. Live Commentary - 3.5mm Microphone allows you to add your own voice into the gameplay in time, mixing line audio and mic audio to gaming smoothly.

  9. Record video to your USB flash drive or external hard drive directly, no need for PC.

  10. Press one button to take a snapshot of the video.

  11. Free video editing software MP4-Cloner enables you to trim, combine, convert and burn your recorded videos.

  12. The recorded files are saved very quickly.

  13. No capacity limit for storage files. The maximum size of a single file on the FAT, FAT32 file system is 4GB, while the maximum size of a single file on the EXFAT, NTFS file system is 32GB.

  14. No capacity limit for storage media. MBR and GPT partitions are supported.

  15. Smart LED lights tell you which resolution you are recording at and which encoding method you are using.