What are the main functions of ClonerAlliance Helper?

Video Recording

  • Supports all UVC video capture devices (4K input supported), and audio recording devices compatible with Windows WASAPI.

  • Video special effects plug-ins included, such as: Flip, Mirror, Contrast, Brightness, Color adjustment and more.

  • Schedule recording. Record once, every day, every week, or every month.

  • Supports up to 4K@30fps, H.264@18M bitrate, MP4 recording. Audio can be encoded in AAC, AC3, MP3 formats, and the sampling rate is 48KHz.

  • Supports GPU encoding acceleration. Compatible with AMD, Intel, NVIDIA video cards.

  • Supports seamless split storage, and MP4 files can be split and stored automatically according to the setting.

  • Supports image capture and animated GIF capture.

Live Streaming

  • Supports PIP live streaming. The sources which can be added are video capture device, audio capture device, picture slideshow, video file and text.

  • Add various filters such as flip, brightness, etc to the source.

  • Save and load scene settings and quickly switch the live stream.

  • Supports live broadcasting to multiple servers at the same time.

  • Supports live re-connection. Once the disconnection is detected in the background, the live broadcast will restart automatically.

Share and live broadcast via LAN

  • Video Broadcast Share allows you to enjoy the recorded MP4 file through the mobile phone and PC browser in the same local area network.

  • Supports live broadcast, so that you can view real-time camera screen through VLC.

Virtual camera

  • Supports broadcasting the current preview screen to multiple 3rd party programs as a virtual camera.

  • Various filters available used for video adjustment.

  • Work with multiple third-party programs at the same time, to meet your needs of multiple applications using the same camera.

  • Supports live scene virtualization, to meet the needs of virtualizing a loop video file as a camera.