What Can I Do With Using ClonerAlliance Flint LX?

ClonerAlliance Flint LX is very powerful video capture and record device. It can converter any HDMI video signal to UVC video signal and transfer the video to PC or Android phone. With HDML-Cloner Pro Helper or Cloner Vision App, the video can be encoded to H.264 file and shared to your friends.

Here are typical scenarios below:

  • Recording videos from streaming players or set-top boxes.

  • Capture and recording gaming console’s video with 1080p/60fps.

  • Living video stream by using Android phone or PC.

  • Capture and recording video from Drones’ camera.

  • Displaying video from HDMI source device on AR glasses.

  • Recording DSLR’s image and videos on PC or Android phone.

  • Recording high quality video shoot from professional camera.