What Is ClonerAlliance Flint D4P?

ClonerAlliance Flint D4P is a picture-in-picture 4K game capture device. It supports 4K@60fps and 2K@144fps game video input. With ClonerAlliance Flint D4P, you can capture dual 4K images with multiple PIP display modes, stream them to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc and record as 1080p@60fps. Integrated with UVC standard and high performance Type C port, you can easily record and stream HDMI videos from game consoles, video players, set-top boxes, webcams, DSLRs to Mac, Windows, Linux or Android. Thanks to the Line In and external audio input integration with ClonerAlliance Flint D4P, you can add your own voice into the gameplay in time, mixing line audio and mic audio to gaming smoothly, as well as remove the original audio from a video and add your own audio.