What is ClonerAlliance Box?

ClonerAlliance Box is a standalone video capture box to record HD videos from various media devices via HDMI. With ClonerAlliance Box, you can record from any video source including your GAME DEVICE 360/GAME DEVICE One/PS3/Source Games/Wii console, disc player, set-top box, PVR and VCR onto any USB memory stick and hard disk with just pressing one button, no need for any PC or Mac. It adopts advanced hardware H.264 encoding to capture your gameplay, streaming HD videos and homemade videos in stunning 1080p Full HD, while keeping the file size low. At the same time, your console’s picture is passed through to your TV via HDMI, so you can keep on enjoying your game on the big screen with original quality, without delay. This mini box is so powerful for you to record virtually all kinds of streaming videos you desire via HDMI and enlarge your precious video library.