What is HDML-Cloner Box Pro?

HDML-Cloner Box Pro is an advanced version of HDML-Cloner Box. It is a versatile video capture box to record network-videos/gameplay from any video source. While keeping all functions of HDML-Cloner Box, it can play back the recorded videos on family-video directly, define the output resolution and browse all contents (picture, music, movie, text) in the USB storage device with the included remote control. What’s more, with a specially-designed USB port on the capture box as well as the management software HDML-Cloner Pro Helper, network-videos can also be recorded to PC directly. HDML-Cloner Box Pro supports HDMI, VGA, AV, YPbPr and line in input signals and can record videos automatically at a scheduled time.

Updated : Apr 16, 2019.