What is HDML-Cloner Wand Helper?

HDML-Cloner Wand Helper (which must be used together with HDML-Cloner Wand) is a smart video capture tool for you to record videos, homemade videos or anything from any video source via HDMI under Windows OS. It enables you to capture videos from disc player, PS3, Source Games, GAME DEVICE 360, GAME DEVICE One, Wii U, set-top box, etc to your PC or laptop directly for backup or future playback. Besides, you can take a snapshot to save your favorite moment with only one click. HDML-Cloner Wand Helper supports capturing videos with the resolutions of 1080p, 720p and 480p. In addition, you can set the recording time manually by hour and minute so that you don’t need to stay in front of PC or laptop all the time while capturing.