What Kinds of USB Flash Drives Do ClonerAlliance Product Support?

Note: This instruction applies to ClonerAlliance Box Pro, ClonerAlliance Box Evolve, ClonerAlliance Box and ClonerAlliance Box Turbo.

ClonerAlliance products are optimized to support most of USB flash drives on the market.

The information below is helpful to choose the USB flash drive that best fits your situation:

  1. Recommended brands: Toshiba, SanDisk, Kingston

  2. Interface specifications: USB 2.0, USB 3.0

  3. Connector type: Type A

  4. Make sure the actual reading speed is not less than 30Mbps, and the writing speed is not less than 10Mbps.

  5. FAT32 (recommended) and NTFS format are available.

Note: exFAT format USB flash drives do not work with ClonerAlliance products.

Below are suggestions to improve your USB flash drive’s performance:

  1. FAT32 format is recommended. Due to the special properties of FAT32, the single video file will be 2GB at most, and the recorded video will be split into multiple files but more stable (You can use our bonus software MP4-Cloner to combine them into one file easily.). For NTFS, the recorded video will be stored as a single large file, but will be more prone to error than FAT32, resulting in unsuccessful storage or file corruption. Please contact our customer service for help when you encounter such problems. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you format the USB flash drive to FAT32 in order to get a better experience.

  2. During the working process, please do not pull out the USB flash drive from ClonerAlliance products directly. Direct removal will be prone to file damage.

  3. In order to observe the working status of the USB flash drive, the USB flash drive with an LED indicator is preferred.

  4. After formatting the USB flash drive using PC, please make sure to safely remove the USB device instead of unplugging it directly, otherwise the USB flash drive will be damaged and not work properly.

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