My TV has a black screen or “Och!Something Wrong!” message when using ClonerAlliance Box Evolve.

After all devices are connected properly, in the process of recording certain video sources, your TV may have a black screen. Please proceed as follows:
  1. Make sure the LED (EVOLVE) on ClonerAlliance Box Evolve illuminates solid blue or solid green.
  1. Press and hold the “REC/STOP” button on ClonerAlliance Box Evolve for about 5 to 10 seconds until ClonerAlliance Box Evolve restarts. The LED will turn off and then turn on.

Tip: Please be sure to press and hold the “REC/STOP” button of the unit ClonerAlliance Box Evolve itself. If you press the button of remote, it won’t fix the problem.
  1. After restarting, the LED will illuminate solid blue or solid green and you can see images on family-video.


4. If your TV still has a black screen, please try the above three steps again.

Updated : Jun 24, 2020.