How to capture and record 4K video from the camera?

Currently, most acquisition software does not support 4K resolution recording. But ClonerAlliance Helper software provides 4K recording function, regardless of whether the camera supports 4K output, you can record in 4K format.

  1. Install required software

First we need to download and install the latest version of ClonerAlliance Helper software

  1. Start the software and turn on the camera

Start the ClonerAlliance Helper software, switch to the Record interface, and open a camera. The camera resolution is recommended to be set to the highest and the frame rate is set to 30.


  1. Set the recording resolution to 4K

Open the software “setup” window, open the Record tab, modify the recording resolution and frame rate to 3840x2106 and 30fps.

Click “Test GPU encoder”, select CUDA or AMD GPU encoder. If no GPU encoder is found, choose H264 (software) encoder.


  1. Start recording video

Click the “Record” button to start recording video. After recording, you can view the recorded video files in the file management window.



  1. If you find that the recorded video playback is stuck, it means that the computer performance is not adequate, and a computer with a higher configuration is required. A desktop computer with i5 or above CPU is recommended.

  2. If a discrete graphics card of NVIDIA or AMD brand is installed, it is recommended to use a GPU encoder, which can greatly improve the encoding quality.