How to register HDML-Cloner Helper?

Please visit, fill in your product S/N. You will get a registration code directly. It is advised that you input your correct email address to receive the registration code at the same time. You may use the registration code, name and your email address to register HDML-Cloner Helper. MP4-Cloner will be registered automatically.

If you get trouble in the process, don’t be discouraged, just send us a message to with your S/N and your order ID. Our support will send you the code directly.


If your S/N of ClonerAlliance Box begins with CB, like CBXXXXXX, please follow the instructions above to get the registration code directly. If your S/N of ClonerAlliance Box is in the format of 596998****************, please contact our support for the code directly. Please contact us for direct help at: