My TV Has A Black Screen When Using ClonerAlliance Box Turbo.

Please confirm that all cables and devices are connected properly.

If you see a No Signal message/black screen on TV/monitor (as shown in the pic below). Don’t worry. It is usually caused by the failure of video passthrough due to the improper assembly of the “REC/STOP” button and quite easy to fix it, please follow the steps below:
  1. When you get No Signal message/black screen on TV/monitor, the top indicator light will keep flashing Blue and Green alternatively.

  2. Press and hold the REC button on ClonerAlliance Box Turbo for about 5-10 seconds. ClonerAlliance Box Turbo will restart. Once you notice the top indicator light turns off, please loosen your finger on “REC” button. Wait a few secs, and then you can see pictures on your TV and the top indicator light on Box Turbo goes into solid Blue/Green.

If your TV still has a No signal message/black screen, generally the failures are caused by not pressing and holding the REC button correctly. Please proceed the above steps one more time.

Tip:  Sometimes, you need to try a few more times.


If this problem keeps showing up, maybe you are using an unsupported video source content. Please change the video source and try again.

For detail, please see