How Can I Get One Large File Instead Of Several 2GB Files?

The recorded file will not be separated into several 2GB files if the mobile hard disk/USB flash drive is in the NTFS format.

TIP: FAT32 format is recommended. Due to the special properties of FAT32, the single video file will be 2GB at most, and the recorded video will be split into multiple files but more stable (You may use our bonus software MP4-Cloner to combine them into one file easily.).

For NTFS, the recorded video will be stored as a single large file, but will be more prone to error than FAT32, resulting in unsuccessful storage or file corruption. Please contact our customer service for help when you encounter such problems. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you format the USB flash drive to FAT32 in order to get a better experience.

Updated : Apr 18, 2019.