What are the different upscaling AI models that ClonerAlliance AI Video Enhancer supports?

ClonerAlliance AI Video Enhancer supports three major AI models: BSRGANx2, BSRGANx4, and RealSR_JPEGx4, each equipped with specific capabilities for a unique upscaling requirement.

BSRGANx2: For 2X Upscaling

The BSRGANx2 model is the optimal choice for those seeking to upscale their videos by a factor of two. Utilizing advanced AI techniques, this model enhances video details and reduces noise, effectively doubling the resolution of the original content. The result is a video that retains its original character while appearing clearer and more detailed.

BSRGANx4: For 4X Upscaling

If you’re seeking a more substantial enhancement, the BSRGANx4 model is tailored for 4x upscaling. This model applies the same AI-enhanced procedures as the BSRGANx2 but amplifies the results, providing four times the original video resolution. This makes it an ideal choice for users seeking to convert standard-definition content into high-definition.


Last but not least, ClonerAlliance AI Video Enhancer offers the RealSR_JPEGx4 model, which is specifically designed for upscaling animation videos. This model recognizes the unique qualities of animation and optimizes the upscaling process accordingly, ensuring that the final output retains the vibrant colors and distinct lines that characterize animated content.

By offering these three diverse AI models, ClonerAlliance AI Video Enhancer ensures that users can find the perfect upscaling solution for their specific needs, whether they’re enhancing personal videos, preparing content for professional presentations, or working on creative projects.