What Are The Main Features Of ClonerAlliance Chert 4KC?

  1. 4K@30fps Input - Experience 4K while recording and streaming at Full HD 1080p@60fps via universal and high performance USB Type-C port.

  2. Multiple platforms supported-Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

  3. Ultra Low Latency – Together with USB Type-C (USB 3.0)’s super-fast transfer speed, it can be used as a real-time display solution of your Source Games, GAME DEVICE One or PLAYING DEVICE Switch. No lag at all. Crisp, smooth and no sound issues.

  4. Simple Plug and Play Technology - UVC standard. No driver or external power supply is required.

  5. Perfect compatibility with popular 3rd party livestreaming software such as OBS, XSplit, VLC, etc.

  6. Stream and capture your gameplay/videos to Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook instantly through livestreaming software or ClonerAlliance App.

  7. Live Commentary - 3.5mm Microphone allows you to add your own voice into the gameplay in time, mixing line audio and mic audio to gaming smoothly.