Why it shows 1080p30 when I play 4K videos on my 4K TV?

Step 1:
Please connect your 4K source device and 4K TV to ClonerAlliance Flint 4KP with HDMI cable properly.
Step 2:
Please power on your 4K source device, let’s take SONY UBP-X800 4K player as an example, setup screen settings as following:
https://s1.occld.com/image/ca/kb/ca-1080f4kp_faqs_4k_passthrough_screen_settings.jpg https://s1.occld.com/image/ca/kb/ca-1080f4kp_faqs_4k_passthrough_screen_settings_24p_output.jpg https://s1.occld.com/image/ca/kb/ca-1080f4kp_faqs_4k_passthrough_screen_settings_24p_output_Ultra_HD.jpg


Step 3:
Please play a 4K resolution videos with your 4K source device, ClonerAlliance Flint 4KP will passthrough the 4K resolution videos on your 4K TV.