Why is there a prompt “No signal”?

The default signal selection is HDMI. If you are trying to record from AV/VGA/YPbPr sources, please switch to the proper input signal with the remote control or by pressing the “SOURCE”button on ClonerAlliance Box Pro.

If it still doesn’t work, please troubleshoot as below:

  1. Please make sure the HDMI or AV/VGA/YPbPr source input is connected properly:

HDMI sources should be connected to the “IN”port (not the “MMI IN”or “HDMI OUT”port).

AV/VGA/YPbPr sources should be plugged into the “MMI IN”port (not the “IN”port).

  1. Make sure there is a signal coming from your video source. To confirm, try plugging your video source straight into your TV first.