ClonerAlliance App

ClonerAlliance App is a versatile Android app developed for ClonerAlliance's hardware products. You can capture, record or live stream any HD video or game video with Android phone, working together with video capture products and any other UVC standard compatible video devices. With the OTG or USB Type-C port of Android phone, any HDMI video source or UVC camera, such as drone's camera, AR glasses, DLSR, web camera, camcorder, and game console, can be captured and recorded by ClonerAlliance App at 1080p. Furthermore, you can live stream HD videos and push them to Twitch, ZOOM, Skype, YouTube, etc wherever you are. No PC required any more.

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Record video from any UVC standard compatible device.

Various scenario supported. For dentist, vehicle mechanician, reporter, YouTuber, console gamer...

Make your live streaming look more remarkable than others.

Live streaming in PIP mode and green screen chroma key.

HD Video Capture and Record. Snapshot Capture

ClonerAlliance App provides you stable and smooth HD video capture recorder. With this recorder, you can easily record popular game videos, FPV drone flight videos, streaming videos, etc.! Not only a recorder for videos, it is also an app to capture GIF animations or snapshots. With ClonerAlliance App, you can take a snapshot with just one click. Quick and easy! You can also share your snapshots through social media or emails.

Live Streaming. Video Editor

With ClonerAlliance App's broadcasting function, you can stream your video to YouTube, Twitch, ZOOM, Skype, etc. You can stream gameplay to show your skills, or stream films, music concerts and sporting events to share the things you like with more people! From Anywhere! It has a lot of video editing functions that can help you create custom videos such as add a text, image, time or location watermark, add a special background, draw on the video with a painting brush, and more.

  1. Android 5.0 or above
  2. OTG/USB Type-C Port


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2-Year Warranty

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