Welcome to our RMA for your ClonerAlliance product.

ClonerAlliance wants customers to have the simplest, easiest experience possible.Please fill out the RMA form below(Please make sure the information is correct, or it will delay the whole process.).Upon receipt of the RMA request, our support will contact you in 24 hours.

RMA Submission Form

Before submitting a RMA request, we suggest you contact our technical support or visit for technical assistance. A simple fix for your problem may be found there. If our technical support confirm your item is defective, you may ask for a RMA from our support directly.

Superiority of ClonerAlliance Warranty

  • Quick

    For USA customers:

    Once the RMA is authorized, our support will send customer a pre-paid shipping label to customer's email address.Customer can use it to return the item.Once we confirm the item is delivered, we will refund the customer or send customer a brand new item from our Amazon warehouse accordingly.Generally, customer will receive the replacement item(s) in 3-5 days.

    For European or other countries' customers:

    Upon receipt of a RMA request, our support will get back to you as well as return instructions.

  • Free

Within 60 days of receipt of goods, if you request a refund or replacement, we will cover the shipping cost of the item(s).

  • Ultra-long Term(2-Year Replacement Warranty.)

ClonerAlliance Inc. provides a 2-year warranty term for the replacement of our products. Superior than any other brand's warranty.

FYI. The shipping cost of the item(s) will be at your expense if the purchase time exceeds 60 days.