HDML-Cloner Pro Helper

VersionRelease DateSizeDescriptionDownload
2.50.411Nov 14, 201929.4 MB
  1. Optimized for ClonerAlliance Flint Series.
  2. Fixed some bugs.


2.50.410Oct 30, 201929.6 MB
  1. Added a new function of Live Streaming
2.40.409Jun 17, 201924.6 MB
  1. Upgraded Plugin for ClonerAlliance Chert 4KC.
  2. Fixed some bugs
2.40.408Dec 19, 201824.6 MB
  1. Supported ClonerAlliance Chert 4KC.
  2. Added the "Watching movie/playing game" mode switch button. Play Console Games on Laptop/PC by using ClonerAlliance Chert 4KC. No need for TV anymore.
  3. Fixed some bugs.
2.40.407Jul.18, 201824.7 MB
  1. Fixed the bug that the recorded MP4 file date as 1970.
  2. Fixed a bug that failed to share video on YouTube.
2.30.405May.16, 201825.2 MB
  1. Improved the UI experience in Windows 10 last update.
  2. Added 1080p@25fps recording mode. (Applies to CA-998P, CA-1180E)
  3. Added adjust recording video quality features for Flint products.
  4. Added hardware acceleration of video encoding.
  5. Added volume console function for Flint products.
  6. Updated Flint products' firmware update function.
2.20.403Apr.27, 201825.8 MB
  1. Fixed some bugs.
  2. Improved compatibility with FLINT series products
2.20.402Dec.14, 201726.4 MB
  1. Added mouse right-click menu within video playing window.
  2. Video playing window size can be memorized.
  3. Multi-moniter users can switch to full-screen mode on the monitor which showing HDML-Cloner Helper Pro main window.
  4. Automatically hide mouse cursor while playing video with full-screen mode.
    5. Check upgrade function is available.
  5. Optimized for ClonerAlliance Flint LXT.
  6. Fixed some bugs.
2.10.401Nov. 24, 201726.2 MB
  1. Optimized for ClonerAlliance Flint LX/LXT series
2.10.302Nov. 14, 201726.1 MB
  1. Added some useful prompt messages for better user experience.
  2. Fixed some bugs about preview.
  3. Optimized speed of video playing.