How to register the bundled software of ClonerAlliance products?

Tip: In this article, ClonerAlliance Hardware Products refer to ClonerAlliance Box, ClonerAlliance Box Pro, ClonerAlliance Box Evolve, ClonerAlliance Box Turbo, ClonerAlliance Flint LX, ClonerAlliance Flint LXT, ClonerAlliance Flint 4KP, ClonerAlliance Flint 4KP Pro, ClonerAlliance Flint 4KP Plus, ClonerAlliance Flint D4P, ClonerAlliance Chert 4KC, ClonerAlliance Chert HDC and ClonerAlliance UHD Pro/Lite.

  • First, you need to purchase ClonerAlliance Hardware Products .

  • For customers of ClonerAlliance UHD Pro and ClonerAlliance Chert HDC, please use the code to register ClonerAlliance Helper and MP4-Cloner.

    Please download ClonerAlliance Helper , download MP4-Cloner and register ClonerAlliance Helper and MP4-Cloner.

  • For customers of ClonerAlliance Box and ClonerAlliance UHD Lite, please use the code to register HDML-Cloner Helper(NOT HDML-Cloner Pro Helper) and MP4-Cloner.

  • For other hardware users, please use the code to register HDML-Cloner Pro Helper and MP4-Cloner.

    Please download HDML-Cloner Pro Helper and run HDML-Cloner Pro Helper.

  1. Click the “i” button in the main interface to enter the “About” window and then click the “Register” button. Click the “Input registration code” button to open the “Register” window. Fill in your proper Email address, name and registration code. Then click “OK” to finish the registration. image0

  2. Enter your Email address, real name and registration code, then click “OK”. HDML-Cloner Pro Helper will be registered successfully. Tip: Click HERE to learn how to obtain the registration code of HDML-Cloner Pro Helper. image1

  3. Once HDML-Cloner Pro Helper is registered successfully, then MP4-Cloner will be registered automatically at the same time (Click on the “i” button of MP4-Cloner, and you can check the registration information). image2 Tip: Click HERE to download MP4-Cloner.