Release Date
1.70.116Nov.25, 202163.1 MB
  1. Optimized the trim function.
  2. Fixed the bug that H265 file could not be opened in convert function.


1.70.115Nov.22, 202163.1 MB
  1. Fix the occasional out-of-sync and incorrect time bugs on the trim function.
1.60.114Jan.5, 202163.1 MB
  1. Fix a bug about the Trim function.
1.60.113Dec.14, 202061.7 MB
  1. Fixed bugs about the burning function.
  2. Added command-line features for Trim and Combine functions.
1.60.112Aug.21, 202060.7 MB
  1. Supported H.265 for 4K UHD video files.
  2. Optimized UI for high DPI resolution.
1.50.111May.6, 202052.2 MB
  1. Fixed some bugs.
1.50.110Apr.30, 202052.1 MB
  1. Fixed some bugs.
  2. Optimized some modules for ClonerAlliance UHD Lite(CA-989UL).
1.40.109Jan.29, 201950.8 MB
  1. Added setup temporary directories function.
  2. Added multiple setup options.
1.30.108Nov.21, 201827.5 MB
  1. Fixed a bug when using convert feature.
1.30.107Nov.12, 201827.5 MB
  1. Fixed bug where triming would cause out of sync
1.30Mar.07, 201827.5 MB
  1. Full screen mode supported in trim function form.
  2. Optimized UI design and details of interface.
  3. Fixed bugs of registration processes.
1.20May 3, 201731.9 MB
  1. Brand new user interface, more beautiful and easier to use.
  2. Enhanced the software performance, providing a etter user experience.
  3. MP4-Cloner is FREE now as long as you have purchased any one of our hardware products.
1.10ct. 17, 201631.9 MB
  1. Enhanced the Trim and Combine functions.
  2. Added the Minimize button in the main interface.
  3. Added the function of automatically checking the new version in the background.
  4. Added the Audio Track option in Convert interface.
  5. The trimmed videos are more compatible with player software.
1.00May 12, 201631.9 MB
  1. Trims one MP4 video and removes unwanted section by setting the time slot manually.
  2. Combines several MP4 video clips into one complete video for playback without interruption.
  3. Converts your MP4 videos to other video formats including MPG, AVI, MOV and TS.
  4. Converts normal MP4 videos to DVD/Blu-ray video format and burns them to DVD/Blu-ray discs.
    Note: MP4-Cloner only supports MP4 videos with H.264 encoding.