ClonerAlliance Helper

Release Date
1.30.114June 27, 202342.9 MB
  1. Fixed some bugs.

Download Windows 64 bit version

Mac OS version 1.10.100(.dmg)

Mac OS version 1.10.100(.zip)

Download Windows 32 bit version

1.30.113Apr 20, 202342.9 MB
  1. Fixed some bugs.
1.20.112Sep 23, 202242.9 MB
  1. Added settings for virtual cameras in Setup.
  2. Modified the aspect ratio of the recorded videos from fixed 16:9 to automatic.
  3. Fixed some bugs.
1.20.111Jan 24, 202242.9 MB
  1. Fixed some minor bugs.
1.20.110Nov 22, 202143.0 MB
  1. Fixed the bugs that occurred by using the ClonerAlliance 4KP Pro device.
1.20.109Sep 16, 202142.9 MB
  1. Added Japanese Language.
  2. Supported simultaneous connection of mutiple capture devices.
  3. Fixed some cumulative bugs.
1.20.108Jan 28, 202154.8 MB
  1. Optimized for the newest ClonerAlliance video capture products.
  2. Fixed a bug about VBS function.
  3. Improve UI.
1.20.107Dec 22, 202042.9 MB
  1. Fixed a bug that could cause a crash
  2. Multiple optimizations for Flint 4KP Pro.
1.20.106Dec 14, 202042.8 MB
  1. Added features of recording MP4 with HEVC encoding (GPU is required).
  2. Added support for the video renderer of madVR.
  3. Added filter:"remove color" to support a transparent live background.
  4. Fix the bug of incorrect display when the input signal is RGB32 encoded.
  5. Added support for the new device
1.10.105Oct 13, 202049.9 MB
  1. Fixed some bugs about Live streaming.
  2. Optimized UI.
1.10.104Sep 3, 202038.2 MB
  1. Added On/Off Preview function in the Right-click menu.
  2. Fixed some bugs.
1.10.103Aug 14, 202038.9 MB
  1. Change the default renderer to YUV.
  2. Optimized the LIVE function.
  3. Fixed a few bugs.
1.10.102Aug 5, 202038 MB
  1. Fixed the bug about Update function.
  2. Added "RTMP server list" in the RTMP server form.
1.10.101July 31, 202037.8 MB
  1. Optimized the bitrate set up in the recording function.
  2. Fixed some bugs.
  3. Resolved the issue occurred by the wrong frame rates.
1.10.100July 24, 202037.9 MB
  1. The first launch of ClonerAlliance Helper.