Download HDML-Cloner Box Pro Firmware

Version : 1.35

Size : 4.04 MB

Release Date : Mar. 7, 2017

  • Displays the message prompt more regularly when there is no signal input from some devices.

Download HDML-Cloner Box Firmware & HDML-Cloner Box Turbo

Version : 1.00

Size : 1.22 MB

Release Date : Dec. 6, 2016

  • Added the firmware version info to the recorded video name, which has been changed to Encode_VXXXX_1080_1. VXXXX represents the firmware version number.
  • Enhanced the compatibility with some USB storage devices in NTFS format.

Download HDML-Cloner Box Evolve Firmware

Version : 1.30

Size : 4.05 MB

Release Date : Mar. 23, 2017

  • Optimized the pictures and descriptions on the MENU page.
  • Added the switch option of CEC function in which the default setting is "OFF".
  • Added the "Auto standby" option in which the default setting is "ON".
  • Optimized the output video quality.

Download ClonerAlliance Flint LX Firmware

Version : 1.10

Size : 216 KB

Release Date : May.17, 2018

  1. Improved the picture quality when using in 60fps.
  2. Added for support 4K@30fps HDMI input.

Download MP4-Cloner

Trim, combine, convert and burn recorded MP4 videos on Windows OS

Version : 1.30

Size : 27.5 MB

OS : Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista

Release Date : Mar.07, 2018

  • Full screen mode supported in trim function form.
  • Optimized UI design and details of interface.
  • Fixed bugs of registration processes.

Download HDML-Cloner Pro Helper

HDML-Cloner Pro Helper is applicable to HDML-Cloner Box Pro, HDML-Cloner Box Evolve, HDML-Cloner Box Turbo, ClonerAlliance Flint LX and ClonerAlliance Flint LXT.

Version : 2.30 Build : 405

Size : 25.2 MB

OS : Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista

Release Date : May.16, 2018

  1. Improved the UI experience in Windows 10 last update.
  2. Added 1080p@25fps recording mode. (Applies to CA-998P, CA-1180E)
  3. Added adjust recording video quality features for Flint products.
  4. Added hardware acceleration of video encoding.
  5. Added volume console function for Flint products.
  6. Updated Flint products' firmware update function.

Download ClonerAlliance App

Version : 1.01 Build : 101

Size : 10.2MB

OS : Android 5.0 or above

Release Date : May.04, 2018

  • Added multi-language support, currently supports Chinese, English.
  • Fixed live streaming function bugs.

Download HDML-Cloner Wand Helper

Video capture software for HDML-Cloner Wand on Windows OS

Version : 1.30

Size : 20.8 MB

OS : Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista

Release Date : Nov. 30, 2016

  • Updated the driver and supports live-streaming platforms. Please select "Video Live Streamer Device" as the third-party video capture program. For more info, please click here.

Download HDML-Cloner Wand Helper Mobile

Video capture software for HDML-Cloner Wand on Android OS

Version : 1.40

Size : 1.5 MB

OS : Android 4.1 or above

Release Date : Mar. 21, 2016

  • Records streaming videos from DVD/Blu-ray player, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, set-top box, etc via HDMI to your Android phone directly.
    Note: HDML-Cloner Wand Helper Mobile must be used together with HDML-Cloner Wand.
    Click here to order HDML-Cloner Wand.
  • Supports the output resolutions of 1080p and 720p.
    Note: If the source input resolution is smaller than the set resolution, the source resolution will be used automatically.
  • Define the recording time manually by hour and minute so that you don't need to stay all the time while capturing.
  • Select the video bitrate, which will influence the image quality and output size.
  • Define maximum capacity of recorded files manually.
  • Select a target folder to save the recorded videos.
  •  Adjust the image brightness, contrast and saturation.

Download HDML-Cloner Helper

Convert, merge and burn videos with various formats on Windows OS

Version : 1.62

Size : 23.2 MB

OS : Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista

Release Date : May 17, 2016

  • Converts the videos with various formats to MP4 video format first before merging in any case.