ClonerAlliance App

VersionRelease DateSizeDescriptionDownload
1.03.103Oct.15, 201911.5MB
  1. Fixed some bugs.
  2. Supported more Android phones.


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1.01.101May.04, 201810.2MB
  1. Added multi-language support, currently supports Chinese, English.
  2. Fixed live streaming function bugs.
  1. Added the function of live streaming through YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc. working together with ClonerAlliance Flint LX/LXT 1080p 60fps video capture series products and any other UVC standard compatible video devices.
  2. Added support for live streaming in PIP mode and green screen chroma key.
  3. Added support for adding a text, image, time or location watermark into the video.
  4. Added support for setting a background effect while recording or live streaming a video from 9 templates including "Grey scale", "Vertical flip", "Horizontal flip", "Nostalgic", "Shade", "Freezing", "Negative", "Eclosion" and "Diffused".
  5. Added support for adjusting the brightness, contrast and saturation of the video.
  6. Added support for drawing on the video with a custom painting brush for the purpose of highlighting some part of the video image.
  1. Optimized App UI.
  2. Fixed some bugs.
  3. Running steadier than previous version.
  1. Fixed some bugs.
  1. First release.